The Give&Go Story

The Give&Go Story

Give&Go was an accident.

Our team was getting together in Salem, MA (spooooooky) to discuss CLUBELEVEN plans for 2024.

We were talking about fun drinking games out there and realized there weren't any great soccer ones. We did a few quick google searches and couldn't find anything simple, fun, and accessible. Most games, we noticed, had too many rules, unnecessary pieces, and were a bit expensive.

That’s when the night took a turn. We ripped out pieces of paper, wrote down 75 prompts and started pulling cards. We realized there were so many directions we could take it, but we quickly realized the magic was in the discussion and banter our prompts created. We called it Home&Away and it was jusssttt ok.

Over the next weeks, a few important things happened. First, we aligned on the actual goal or purpose of the game. We realized quickly that many games out there had too much structure, too many rules, and too many complicated pieces. We purposefully decided to keep it simple and free-flowing, kinda like how we like to play and talk about the beautiful game. Second, we quickly iterated to create a content framework around our prompts so we could find the right balance of banter, quick-thinking, and slower, discussion-based responses.

We changed the name to Give&Go to lean into our footy roots, which unknowingly also helped set the tone and ethos of our brand.

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