On The Road: Asheville, NC

On The Road: Asheville, NC

Our second stop on our US Open Cup Tour took us to beautiful Asheville, NC. None of us had been to Asheville before, so we were pretty amped up during the quick(er) 2 hour trip from Chattanooga. 

We kicked off the early morning in typical fashion. Pit stop to fill up the gas tank and the tummies and then we hit the road.

First stop was to eat (again) at Farm Burger - great burger and casual lunch vibes. We game planned the evening and hit our first of 3 interview before the match.

We hit the local pub to interview a few lifelong Asheville natives and Asheville City FC fans...

Then met up with the strength and conditioning folks for Asheville City FC...

and then hit up Highland Brewery where we had a chance to interview the CEO. They were even kind enough to get us a few brews for the night.

We finally made it to the match and got to enjoy a beautiful evening under the lights. Unfortunately, Asheville City didn't get the  dub, but the fans and community showed up big. 

Amazing people. Amazing Community. We will be back!

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