On The Road: Chattanooga, TN.

On The Road: Chattanooga, TN.

Hi All - our second stop on our US OPEN CUP tour took us all the way out to Chattanooga, TN where we were able to catch the first round of US OPEN CUP against Miami United. 

We started with the 5 hour drive from Charlotte, NC and ended up at local pub, Pickle Barrel on Main street. We loaded up on some good food, charged up our devices, and made our way to the stadium.

Chattanooga FC folks were extremely welcoming. We toured the stadium before kickoff, interviewed the Chattahooligan fan club, and met some amazing people.

We capped off the night at the Chattanooga Brewing Company, where the fans, players, and club staff get together to enjoy the wins and losses post-match. We pulled out the game, made some memories, and capped off an incredible day/night in Chattanooga.

We can't wait to be back and visit our friends. Here are some pics of the trip.


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