The Soccer Card Drinking Game

The Soccer Card Drinking Game

Today we're formally announcing GIVE&GO, the footy card drinking game. We've been working on this project since last November, when a group of footy friends were hanging out one night searching for fun. 

We couldn't find any great soccer card games out there, so we started writing prompts on ripped pieces of paper and going around the group. We felt something special, but all agreed the game needed a lot more work.

Over those next two weeks we created a content framework, iterated on our prompts, and started testing the game within our community. The response was great, so we kept pushing.

Fast forward 3 months and we've built out the brand, introduced Creature (our GG Admin and mascot), and played with over 100+ people in 10+ states across America. 

We feel good about our progress, but now we need your help. We'll be building up the hype over the next 4 weeks to grow awareness around our game and we hope you'll follow along.

Please consider backing out project on Kickstarter, where we'll be dropping more information very soon.


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